The knowledge society demands new methods and textbooks and teaching aids which can promote a pedagogy renewal and development.

By this starting point and inspired by the new curriculum, Lp94 and through the IT- investment by The National Agency for Education we’ve created the site “Tema modersmål / persiska.

The site has been created by a group of Persian mother tongue teachers supervised by the “Modersmålsundervisningen”  in Malmö co-operating with The National Agency for School Improvement.

The website is first and foremost designed as a resource for those who works within the Child-care and the schools but all users are of course welcome.

This site contains information and tools intended for communication in the Persian language.

Our ambition is to give an insight into present laws, rules and school regulations for teachers, parents, pupils and everybody who’s interested. It’s very important that the information is available for immigrated parents and pupils so they’ll have the opportunity to affect the children’s future. Even if the teachers have got their special rooms, they can with benefit from all the other pages in their work.

We believe and hope that an increased using of computers in school will strengthen the teacher’s part as a supervisor and on the same time it gives the pupil the possibility to take a greater responsibility for his/her learning.

We hope that this site will be used by educationalists, parents, pupils and others interested in the mother tongue teaching. We gladly receive your opinions and proposals to improve and enrich our site.